Convention Workshops

Diversity, Inclusion, and O∆K: A Look at Diversifying Circle Recruitment and Retention Strategies
Presenters: Matthew Clifford and Benjamin Williams (Society Board of Directors)
Kirkhof Center, Room 2263, 3:15 – 4 p.m.

Join the Diversity and Inclusion Work Group to learn how to support recruiting, retaining, and engaging members in your circle from across identities and the pillars. The session will provide a history of O∆K’s leadership in the area of diversity and inclusion and provide resources, strategies, and action plans to support circle growth.

Signature Events Make Stronger Circles: How to Choose?
Presenter:  Bruce Forbes (Society Board of Directors)
Kirkhof Center, Room 2204 (Pere Marquette), 3:15 – 4 p.m.

Most of O∆K’s strongest circles have one or more signature events for which they are known on campus and beyond.  This session describes the idea of a signature event, suggests how to choose one, and describes the benefits to the circle (establish a niche, give the circle a purpose, enhance reputation).  Representatives from different types of institutions (public/private; large/small) will describe the signature event sponsored by their circle.  In addition, workshop participants will have the opportunity to discuss how they can try to apply these ideas to their own campus situations.

Effectively Engaging Honoris Causa Members
Presenter:  Allison Baier (St. Lawrence University Circle)
Kirkhof Center, Room 2215, 3:15 – 4 p.m.

Each circle is encouraged to initiate at least one honorary (honoris causa) member each year.  Some institutions initiate individuals who speak to the circle.  Other circles partner with the alumni and development office on campus to select outstanding graduates and community members for membership in O∆K.  This workshop will review the strategies employed by a number of institutions to recognize, cultivate, and engage honorary members in the life of the circles.

The Treasury Hunt: What to Do When Dues Aren’t Enough
Presenters: Taylor Bond, Garrett McDowell, Zachary Goers, Clayton Bond, Amanda Maloney (Fontbonne University Circle)

Kirkhof Center, Room 2263, 4:15 – 5 p.m.
When a potential member is considering O∆K, it is not uncommon for cost to become a deciding factor. Ambitious members may not be afraid to hike up dues in order to complete a wish list or fully fund a dream event, but that can be a dangerous decision if your circle isn’t able to articulate the value associated with such a fee. In this session, participants will learn more about creative fundraising opportunities that can directly enhance those dream events and ambitions without scaring off quality members because of the bottom line.

Intentional Leadership Competency Development
Presenter:  Timothy Reed (National Headquarters)
Kirkhof Center, Room 2215, 4:15 – 5 p.m.

Today’s world changes and evolves at an extremely fast pace, and the more we learn, the more we realize how much we do not know. Despite the fast-paced progression and ever-evolving knowledge base, you can make a significant contribution to the world through the intentional development of your leadership competencies. The session will explore the eight leadership competency areas and the four dimensions of competency (knowledge, values, abilities, and behavior) outlined by Corey Seemiller in The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook. With a base knowledge of leadership competencies, tools and resources will be provided to participants to further explore what leadership competencies apply to their career and personal path of growth. Participants will also be encouraged either beforehand or afterwards to take the Student Leadership Competencies Inventory in order to understand their own competencies.

Extreme Makeover:  Program Edition
Presenter:  Chad Huckaby (Stephen F. Austin State University)
Kirkhof Center, Room 2204 (Pere Marquette), 4:15 – 5 p.m.

The Stephen F. Austin State University Circle of O∆K is known at SFA as the preeminent student leadership programming board. As such, the circle has produced several signature events including the campus wide Leadership Conference and the Leadership and Service Awards. Though these programs have been successful in the past, leadership in any area must be improved through growth. Beginning with the 2015 Leadership and Service Awards, the circle took on the task of performing an extreme makeover on our signature events. Our presentation will focus on the successes and difficulties of retooling and growing signature programming along with how to translate that to your own circle’s programming.